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{EN} Riem gives tips for the BookTube-A-Thon!

So I joined the BookTube-A-Thon this year and I failed terribly. The BookTube-A-Thon is a challenge to read seven books in seven days hosted by the booktuber Ariel Bissett. This won't be a blogpost in which I'm going to explain what the BTAT (short for the BookTube-A-Thon) is, so if you have never heard of it go have a look on the BTAT youtube channel where it's all explained.

As I said I totally failed this year's BTAT, I'm going to talk about the reason why later in this blogpost, but I still got a good impression of how the BTAT worked and how everything goes down. For the three days that I actually particpated in the BTAT, after that I got distracted by my new laptop, I noticed a lot of things that I hadn't thought of or had never forseen as convenient. I thought I might as well share them for all the other BTAT participants that could use some tips for future BTATs!

Tip 1: Know your own reading speed
This is one of the most important tips if you'd ask me! This is where it went completely wrong when I was doing the BTAT. It's important to know your own reading speed and know how many pages you read in an hour or in a day. Form your TBR while keeping your reading speed in mind. It's okay to make it a bit of a challenge, but don't go too far because the chance of failing will be way bigger. For me my reading speed also really depends on the book and this year I chose a book that was 500 pages thick while I could only read about 150 pages per day for that book. Which is stupid because I calculated that I had to read about 310 pages a day. 

Tip 2: Know how many pages you have to read every day
Get your TBR pile and calculate the total amount of pages you have to read during the week. Devide the total by seven and there you have the amount of pages you have to read every day. Does this fit in with your reading speed? Great! Doesn't it fit at all? Change your TBR ASAP!

Tip 3: Make sure that you don't have to read the whole day long
One of the tips I heard from people was to prepare yourself to completely lose your sleeping pattern. For me personally, that doesn't work. I would rather suggest making sure you don't have to read the whole day long. Make sure that you take breaks between reading, have your meals at your usual time and get enough sleep. Consider all of this while calculating how many pages you have to read every day and make sure you won't have to read the whole day long!

Tip 4: Keep track of everything
This might not really be a tip, but it is a fun thing to do. Keep track of how many pages you read, which books you read, how many friends you made, which twitter sprints you participated in etc. At first I had no idea how to do this, but I combined the ways other people kept track of things and made my own "tracker". I'll probably use the same system next year, so I'll make sure to post about it on my instagram and maybe on my twitter too.

Tip 5: Participate in the BTAT in whatever way you like
The fun thing about the BTAT is that there is a lot to do and participate in besides reading seven books in a week, BUT you don't have to participate in them! You can just only read seven books in a week and that's fine! I personally participated in some Twitter sprints and some Instagram challenges, but I never did any of the video challenges. It was so much fun to do and I didn't feel like missing out. Just participate in what you would like to participate in and don't feel pressured by all the things you can participate in.

Tip 6: Don't feel scared to participate in any of the challenges or sprints or whatever
At first it might all seem a bit intimidating, but the only way you'll learn how everything works is by participating in it. Before I participated in my first sprint I didn't know how it worked, but I learned it quickly once I did join one. So don't be scared, you'll find out how something works by simply joining and learning while doing it.

Tip 7: Keep a drink or something to snack on close and ready while doing a sprint
Even if you aren't doing a sprint you should make sure to eat and drink enough. But during sprints it can be a bit hard to have enough time to grab a drink or some food. I would suggest making sure you have a drink and food ready before the sprint starts. It is so nice to be able to just take a sip or a bite whenever you want during the sprint.

Tips from my BTAT friends!
I made a few friends during the BTAT and I started to follow a few people who hosted twitter sprints. I decided to ask them if they would have any BTAT tips and they did! Some of the tips are given more than once, but the more it becomes obvious that it's important advice! Also, one of my BTAT friends Izzy made a video about BTAT tips so you can watch that here. DO watch it, because I loved it! And here are all the other tips:

"Tip 1: Don't get stressed out by all the challenges (reading, video, instagram). It's supposed to be fun, not stressful, but do them if you have fun doing them :)

Tip 2: take some time away from the internet. Leave your phone at home, go somewhere with your book and just read.
Tip 3: the internet is important though! The Booktubeathon is the time to connect and reach out and overcome your online shyness!"
- Marlin (@MarlinElina)

"Pick small books. Don't read 600 page books it's a horrible mistake! But also don't be pressured by the reading challenges. I got super involved in the community & that was the fun part so I'd say get involved it's not a crazy competition just have fun."

- Gabbie (@reldnahcbing)

"Stick with books 350 pages or below, always include graphic novels/manga/comics somewhere in the mix, pick books of different genres."

- Daniella (@PixieTonic)

"Have fun and don't get stressed out. Don't force yourself to read 7 books, just read what you want."

- Emma (@BluChickenNinja)

"1. make a tbr list so you don't have to go searching for books.

2. choose books that you like so you read them easier.
3. join the twitter sprints because they really are fun.
4. just have fun."
- @justbreathin_

"1. vary the length of books, some short, 1 or 2 longer.
2. use audiobooks for when you are doing chores.
3. I found it motivational to keep a daily page count.
4. Take breaks!! Watch a tv show or film, don't force yourself to read.
5. remember that as long as you read you are winning! Don't be sad if you dont finish all the books or challenges. Have fun, read!"
- Caitlin (@KnottsCaitlin)

So this was a really long blogpost, but I'm sure that when you join the BTAT and you take all or some of these tips in consideration then you will be way more prepared than I was. Honestly, the most important thing about BTAT is have fun and read!

Do you have any BTAT tips that haven't been included in this blogpost? Share them in the comments!

Here you can find the BTAT:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BookTubeAThon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BookTubeAThon
Instagram: http://instagram.com/booktubeathon/
Website: http://booktubeathon.com
Hosted by: http://youtube.com/arielbissett/

Time to get back to reading!

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